Terms and Conditions

Studio Hartsuiker is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands under number 77193253

A. General Definitions

a. Studio Hartsuiker, Letterpress company located at Ahuislanden 123 in Enschede.
b. Client, this is you, the person who gives the assignment for the work and has requested a quotation for this.
c. I / my,  Annemee Hartsuiker from Studio Hartsuiker.
d. Agreement; quotation and/or order confirmation.
e. You will receive these general terms and conditions by e-mail containing the requested quote. When you confirm to studio hartsuiker after this email that we can get to work for you, the agreement is final.

B. Privacy Regulations

All data entered by the customer is used exclusively for the execution of your orders and agreement. Studio Hartsuiker may also use your data for offers, advertisements or other products and services of Studio Hartsuiker. These offers will be sent by email. If you want to unsubscribe from this email, you can do so by sending an email to info@studiohartsuiker.nl. Mail addresses will not be transferred to third parties for commercial purposes.
Studio Hartsuiker reserves the right to include realised designs in it’s online and offline portfolio. All names will be redacted to first name only to anonymize the designs and in this way complies with the GDPR.

1. Quotations

a. All my offers and quotations are without obligation and are valid for 1 month.
b. All prices include VAT and shipping costs unless expressly stated otherwise.

2. Commencement Agreement

a. Our agreement is final the moment you have accepted Studio Hartsuiker’s offer in writing.
b. Acceptance is final and irreversible the moment you commission Studio hartsuiker to start digitally designing your personal printed matter.
c. The agreement is valid until the final paper product is delivered.

3. Payment

a. For Custom Orders a downpayment of 50% of the given quote is mandatory to accept the job. De remainder of 50% has to be paid before sending out the invitations to you.
b. For Semi-Custom Orders payment up front is mandatory.

4. Change agreement

If during the execution of the agreement it appears that changes are required, I will adjust the agreement in mutual consultation. With every adjustment I will indicate in writing what the consequences for the agreement will be with regard to the costs.

5. Cancellation and additional costs

a. Dissolution of the agreement confirmed by e-mail is only possible during the digital design process.
b. Costs for dissolution during the digital design process include the quoted design costs of €220,-
c. Cancellation during the printing process is not possible. Printing techniques like Letterpress, Embossing, Debossing and foil printing requires to make one of a kind printing plates that can not be exchanged, cancelled or reused.

6. Design & Colors

a. If we have agreed on a PMS color as a reference, I will do my utmost to mix this color well, manually. Deviations within the range of 5% are allowed. For colors approved via a screen, I use my own screen as a starting point. You cannot make a complaint about the final color result. Color deviations in the print run may occur. This is because the cards are not completely machine-made and there is a lot of manual work involved.
b. Check the final digital design carefully, at this point you take over responsibility for the design from Studio hartsuiker. If there is an error in the design and the printed matter has to be reprinted, I am forced to pass on 50% of the costs.

7. Delivery& sending

a. The production time starts when the final design has been approved by you.
b. Wedding printing has a production time of 14 - 25 working days, depending on how big the wedding suite will be, after which I offer it by post.
c. Birth announcements have a production time of 14 working days, after which I offer it by post.
d. I depend on third parties for delivery and cannot take responsibility for this.

8. Copyright and online use of designs

a. Studio Hartsuiker remains the owner of the illustrations and designs made by Studio Hartsuiker.
b. Studio Hartsuiker reserves the right to include the realized designs in its online and offline portfolio. Sharing new cards, whether or not based on our permanent collection or custom design, on our site and social media is an important part of our marketing and existence. This is how we recruit new customers and that is probably how you ended up with us. Of course we anonymize the designs (only the first name remains on the design) and in this way we comply with the GDPR.
c. Studio Hartsuiker does not make copies of other cards from other illustrators and designers.
d. Studio Hartsuiker is at all times entitled to state its name on the completed designs.
e. No other items may be manufactured based on your personal design without the permission of Studio Hartsuiker. Proposals, quotes and proofs may not be shared, copied or imitated with or by any person. You understand that any unauthorized use of design elements will result in an invoice of €300 from Studio Hartsuiker for the applicable license fees, which must be paid within 14 working days to prevent Studio Hartsuiker from referring the unpaid amount to direct debits. All products, tangible or intangible, produced or created in connection with, or in the context of the performance of this Agreement, are the express and exclusive property of Studio Hartsuiker and may be used in the reasonable course of business.

9. Complaints and Liability

a. The customer is obliged to check the numbers and quality of the cards after receipt of birth and wedding cards.
b. If the products do not meet expectations, it is necessary to contact Studio Hartsuiker as soon as possible (within 3 days in writing and motivated, supported by clear photos). I would like to receive the products back in order to assess the complaint and the product.
c. Studio Hartsuiker takes every complaint seriously and will do everything possible to resolve the complaint as well as possible.
d. It is important not to send the cards. Studio Hartsuiker can no longer handle a complaint for products that have already been sent by the customer.