Copyright & Licensing

As a Designer, I have copyright on all designs I create. This also applies if the designs have been drawn for payment and/or on behalf of someone else. Copyright can possibly be transferred to the client, under (financial) conditions. Designs may not simply be changed and as a designer I have the right to mention my name.


'License' is another word for right of use. With a license you, the client, receive permission from me, Annemee Hartsuiker (the designer) to use a design. For example, as a designer I grant a basic license whereby you, the client, can use the design for one expression.
This license determines where (medium), how long or how often (duration) and how (nature) the design may be used. These three values ​​and exclusivity ultimately determine the license price.

Exclusive and non-exclusive licenses

There are two types of licenses: Exclusive- and Non-exclusive licenses.

Exclusive licenses stipulate that I, the designer, may not use the design for other purposes within an agreed period of time.

With non-exclusive licenses, I, the designer, am free to use the design for any other purposes, provided that these do not conflict with the purpose for which the design was initially created.

​The copyright remains with me (the designer) with both an exclusive and a non-exclusive license. This means that you, the client, may not simply use the design for any purpose, even after payment of the invoice.